Total Exposure

by Las Kellies



Fiery Argentine trio Las Kellies return with their fourth album Total Exposure, which is due out on Fire Records in September. The album features a wonderfully eclectic collection of tracks, drawing on their post-punk and punk roots with added inspired from reggae and dance music as well as bands like The Slits, ESG and 80's girl group Humpe Humpe. This beckons a new sound for the band, with the introduction of keyboards, synth drums and more harmonious vocals. The result is a splendidly seductive, cohesive album with a summer party-time, slow-groove vibe and sprinklings of Peaking Lights and Massive Attack.
Total Exposure shows Las Kellies leaning heavily on dub influences thanks partly to the involvement of Iván Diaz Mathé (Ivi Lee), one of the most influential reggae-dub producers in Buenos Aires - having worked with the likes of Lee "Scratch" Perry and Mad Professor. The album also features guest appearances from another reggae legend, Dennis Bovell (who mixed their last album) as well as The Make Up/Chain and The Gang frontman, Ian Svenonius.
The album title Total Exposure is a reference to how Ceci and Sil fully immersed themselves in the composition and recording process. Their new album was cut at ION Studios, one of the most important studios in Buenos Aires, where a host of huge Argentine artists have recorded from both the rock scene as well as legends of tango and folklore. This had a huge impact on the outcome of the LP, lending a fuller, richer and more classic sound.


released September 16, 2013

Drums: Silvina Costa
Guitars: Cecilia Kelly
Bass: Cecilia Kelly, Adriana Navarro, Julia Worley
Keyboards: Cecilia Kelly
Percussion: Silvina Costa
Synth drums: Silvina Costa
Synth bass: Iván Díaz Mathé
Vocals: Cecilia Kelly, Silvina Costa
Guest vocals: Dennis Bovell, Ian Svenonious, Betty Confetti
Produced by Iván Díaz Mathé.
Recorded in 2012 and 2013 by Iván Díaz Mathé at Ion Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Mixed and mastered by Iván Díaz Mathé at Demolition Sounds, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Design by John Foster at badpeoplegoodthings.
Thanks to all our beloved: Ivi, Sebi, Jorge, Marki, Chango, Fran, Gala, Luigi, Ben, Dami, Antú, Dani, Siro II, Félix, Pol Acedo, Betty, Adri, and to all our friends around the world, specially Marie, Joan, Alessio and Fire crew.



Las KELLIES Argentina

Las Kellies started in 2005 when three girls met at a gig in Buenos Aires, decided to have a band together and borrowed their friend's amps and instruments. Their third album, Kellies - released by Fire Records and mixed by Dennis Bovell, sees Las Kellies mixing catchy garage sounds with dub and post-punk that has earned 8/10 in NME and 4/5 in BUZZ. ... more


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